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A time bomb

A wind of madness would blow on Quebec? A dull madness, insidious, hardly malevolent. A madness that we would probably find it difficult to understand the origins, ins and outs.

The cat has been set among the pigeons early in 2019, when 48 experts, including 45 pediatricians in Quebec were alarmed staggering numbers of the prescription of Ritalin (or equivalent) in Quebec, in the Journal de Québec dated of January 31, 2019.

The problem appears as a multi-headed hydra. It is the disastrously logical result of a change in behavior of parents, practitioners, but also schools, insurers, and of course pharmaceutical labs that are eager to provide.

Stuck in traffic a few months ago, I was listening to a journalist on a Québec City radio station who had investigated the restlessness of boys in school. Reflecting on what I heard, I realized how crazy the world was.


​Basically, we were told that some schools ended up banning team games, such as soccer, in playgrounds, or even limiting or forbidding children to run, limiting physical activity to activities without risk. Why ? Because the number of parents who, finding their child back from school with a skinned knee, a black eye, a sprained wrist, prosecute schools in court for amounts always larger or even exaggeratedly exorbitant, to the point that these institutions were no longer able to support the related increases in insurance premiums.

The only way to respond to this has been to limit the physical exercise of children to ensure that absolutely nothing happens to them. We agree that break times are not just a break for teachers. It is also undoubtedly necessary for children, to allow a discharge of their accumulated energy during concentrated working hours.

Physical discharge is part of the educational equation for learning. We also agree that a few decades ago, when we came home with a skinned knee, it was much more likely to go wrong for us at home, than to see the parents come to the school to point the teachers, or to sue them to justice. 

Little boys & teaching staff

Boys are more active than girls. This has always been the case. This situation clearly did not pose any particular problem until 20 years ago. But in the meantime, the teaching profession, particularly that of primary education in Quebec, has largely feminized. There are very few male teachers today.

The journalist tells us that through her interviews, she becomes aware of the growing difficulty of supporting boys on the part of female teachers, for lack of a model of authority, for lack of possible recourse to a figure of male authority. Little girls are easier to manage. The journalist observed a clear disaffection for the little boys, too restless to the taste of the teachers.


We live in a world characterized by growing competition and a blatant disintegration of family values. Two aggravating factors for ADHD victims, two factors that could unfortunately be the daily lives of some parents who, faced with overcrowded schedules, difficulties in making ends meet, complicated family situations, would push pediatricians to prescribe Ritalin or equivalent, and would arrive even to get angry, according to the same newspaper, if their demands were not met, as if the parents had a better knowledge of the biological processes implicated in the problem of their children than a graduate pediatrician. Some parents go to the pediatrician as they enter a convenience store. I am here to get a product, not for evaluation and advice.

The cognitive and behavioral health of our children now requires us to change some of our life choices and priorities. It is about the future of our children and the opportunities they have to grow, take their place and assume responsibility and confidence in the future that we will bequeath to them.

Practitioners under pressure

Under whose pressure? Parents who yearn for a bit of peace because their own lifestyle choices make it impossible for them to devote time, attention, patience to their children, or the pressure of pharmacy labs whose only ultimate goal is to make profit, even to invent diseases?

I invite you to google “Ritalin and Cocaine” and take 30 minutes to find the pearls on this subject. What are we discovering? We are amazed to find that drug treatment statistics in the United States show an exponential increase in cases of cocaine addiction among people who were previously on Ritalin or other products.

You know what ? We have in front of us a huge public health problem coming up, a real time bomb, because with these products, we are creating an entire generation of junkies. The labs smother it, waiting to find a better solution, while alternative solutions already exist.

Still, according to the Journal de Québec, there are certainly “false diagnoses” of ADHD on the part of practitioners. Even CLSCs do not hide the almost systematic use of Ritalin or equivalent to address behavioral problems in children. And then, to get Ritalin, it just takes a few minutes, while behavioral therapy, if it’s really necessary, takes months to get and keep up. When the alternative comes to the parents in a hurry, no doubt, psycho-active treatments are the first on the list, at the expense of the health of the child, while thinking of a natural alternative would make sense.

Big Pharma

The big word, it smells of conspiracy, some will say. But the world is so made. A molecule is patented, but not a natural compound. Profits are made by patents and not by good and laudable intentions to make the world healthier. The line between caring for people and caring for clients does not always seem very clear. We are not going to open the thorny debate about the conspiracies of Big Pharma, but it is clear that natural solutions exist, but they have a hard time getting to the light of the secular world. Some natural products have maximum doses imposed by Health Canada that make the product virtually not effective, while the dosages of certain drugs cause undesirable effects to ask yourself if you are not going to be sicker to medicate rather than taking nothing.

After, you hear that natural products do not work! So adjust the dosage to a reasonable level and you will see that they work very well, and no side effects. As a result, these natural solutions remain confined to the consciousness of those responsible parents, reasonable practitioners, who think of the individual as a global being and not as a distinct succession of organs to be treated independently, and who are able to adjust the dosages according to their real needs.

The victims

And then there are the real victims, the parents, often helpless, who have to face the reality of life with one or more children who really suffer. These parents who have to deal with ADHD often with their only judgment and good conscience. These parents who deserve immense respect for the efforts they make, to struggle between a pharmaceutical industry that poisons them in many cases, a government that limits access to natural and yet very effective resources, a school system confined to standardization, ineffective or inappropriate social care and their own constraints of daily life, these parents we see sharing, advising, suggesting, even crying despair or revolting on social networks. I have tremendous respect for those parents who are fighting. I think of them. And I hope with all my heart that they turn to natural solutions.


Well yes, let’s talk about LTO3 since it’s a product, released over a decade right here, in Quebec, already sold to millions of copies around the world. An exclusively natural product without adverse effects.

LTO3 helps improve cognitive health and/or brain function, reduces symptoms of ADHD, helps manage stress, anxiety, panic states. And these are claims authorized by Health Canada. Choosing LTO3 is already entering into this process of awareness, of responsible handling, of our cognitive health and that of our loved ones, to integrate all the changes in our daily life aiming to re-balance our life, change our lifestyle choices, integrate new habits and feel good. Finally.